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Barraud. Edward Noel


BARRAUD, E. Noel (Edward Noel Barraud) 1857–1920

Son of artist C. D. Barraud: worked as an accountant but became known for his watercolours and etchings. Was a founder and first Secretary of the Fine Arts Assoc., and was on the first Council of the NZ Academy of Fine Arts, Wtn., in the Industrial Exhibition Wellington 1881. In 1887–88 he was in England, but by 1890 exhibited as a student at W. L. Morison's School of Art, Wellington. By 1897 was living in Palmerston North, but still exhibiting in Wellington. In 1910–11 travelled in England and Europe: in 1913 his paintings shown in New Zealand included German subjects. Died in England. Exhibited Melbourne International Exn 1880–81. Work included in Centennial Ex. Represented by watercolours and etchings in Turnbull and Hocken..

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