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Margot Mountain

Margot Mountain first trained in art at the Hamilton Technical College. While living in the city she attended classes tutored by Ida Carey and Adele Young Husband, two co-founding members of the Waikato Art Society. While in Hamilton Margot was a working member of the Society.

On moving to Auckland, Margot was employed in a design studio and attended classes held by Arthur Hipwell. From him she had sound guidance and encouragement painting in watercolours, a medium which has held her interest ever since. She applied for and was elected to working membership of the Auckland Society of Arts, delaying application somewhat as selection was stringent in those days after the war, when many outstanding painters were exhibiting at the society. Margot attended Elam school of Fine Arts part time and mentions McLaren and John Weeks as being influential to her development as an artist.

Like many of our women artists, Margot went through a time when she was actively engaged in business and family affairs, having no time to paint. But by the 1970’s she was exhibiting regularly at the Society and her output of work increased steadily, and was one of the artists who assisted in the foundation of the N.Z. Guild of Artists in 1975.

Her work is largely landscapes and seascapes, sometimes with figures, but is not limited to these subjects. Margot enjoys life drawing and painting although she seldom exhibits this work. She paints what she finds visually stimulating.

Margot has had success in painting competition – The Dawson Hallmark, the New Zealand Women’s Weekly and the National Bank Watercolour Competition. Her paintings have been acquired by the Robert McDougall Art Gallery, Christchurch and the Hastings Cultural Centre and work hangs in private collections here and overseas including England, Australia USA and Japan.


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